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Managing Cyber Risk

Image by Adi Goldstein
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Managing Cyber Risk in a Digital Age

Even as companies become more digital savvy, they continue to confront new and emerging data risks that pressure financial and reputational vulnerabilities. To help address these challenges, the Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission (COSO), in collaboration with Deloitte Risk & Financial Advisory, is releasing new guidance, “Managing Cyber Risk in a Digital Age.”

Written to boards of directors, audit committee members, executive management, and cyber practitioners, the new guidance addresses how companies can apply COSO’s Enterprise Risk Management–Integrating with Strategy and Performance (ERM Framework), one of the most widely recognized and applied risk management frameworks in the world, to protect against cyberattacks. The guidance provides insight into how organizations can leverage the five components and 20 principles of the ERM Framework to identify and manage cyber risks.

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